Monday, May 05, 2008

Trouble - R.I.P.

By Myche

I was saddened by the news that Trouble and singer Eric Wagner have parted ways. What a bummer. The last two times I've seen them they've been great. Can't figure out what would have caused this, but it does appear to be mutual (per Wagner, he just couldn't handle touring anymore). All that gossipy stuff behind, I'm just really disappointed.

Trouble has announced that they have hired ex-Warrior Soul singer Kory Clarke (the spelling of that name worries me a bit, I must say). They have a lot of festivals planned in Europe, so I guess they had to act fast. Those will be tough shoes to fill. If they play around Chicago, I will give the new group a chance. I guess I owe that to the rest of the band...

Nevertheless, from this fan's standpoint, I hope this is not a permanent thing. But for now, here's a clip from Live in Stockholm. How appropriate.

Rest in peace. Or better yet: Reunite, If Possible...

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Wayne said...

Ugh. I never got to see Trouble!!!