Saturday, May 10, 2008

Scorpions - World Wide Live

by Wayne Graham

So when you talk about great metal live albums, the obvious Citizen Kane-level one is (few would argue) Live After Death. No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith is up there. Ozzy's Randy Rhoads Tribute album is a contender. As often as they release best-of compilations, KISS opus Alive is the best reference point for what's good about them.

I submit World Wide Live as an applicant. This is really the best destination for a lot of good songs in the Scorpions catalog, played with vigor and met with thunderous applause. I prefer a ton of the live versions of these songs to their studio album versions. And Klaus Meine's stage banter is fucking HILARRRRIOUS. And it does the trick....he just screams the city name, and begins some sort of inquiry into how they're enjoying the performance so far,or are they ready for ____(nasally loud screaming of big hit title, sometimes along with some sort of reference to the album where it can be found)_____ !!!!??!!! and the crowd is ready and starts screaming and then the band will start the riff, which is of course instantly recognizable, and will get more people yelling and the ones already yelling, yelling louder. It's effective Banterwerk.

He really shines at :30 of this clip. This also has some pretty bad-ass Framptone noodling. And then some banter about the song coming up...

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