Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rock n' Roll Hall of Oversights

by Myche

Every year when the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame names their nominees it seems there's more heated discussion about who's not on the list than who is. On one hand, I believe that for the most part the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame has gotten a lot right - you just can't argue with most of that list. But no doubt they have blown it over the years. What really ticked me off is when I read that they were considering reducing the minimum amount of time between an artist's first release and induction from 25 to 20 years because they thoguht there was going to be a lull coming up soon. All they want to do is make the induction show more "interesting" and "popular" by having younger acts inducted. They shouldn't be focusing on adding anybody that came out after 1990 with all those people they have looked over in the past.

I also have a problem with some younger bands getting in before older bands that were huge influences on them and their genre. Good for Metallica for getting in, but they shoudl have waited until several other hard rock/metal artists got in: Alice Cooper (who is on this year's list of nominees), Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, and Dio.

So I have a solution. Someone should start a Rock n' Roll Hall of Oversights. Have about ten artists inducted from the start, then follow the same rules as the Hall of Fame and add about five or so a year thereafter. Then, if the Hall of Fame ever gets it right and inducts one of the Oversight members - have a special "De-induction" feature at the Oversight. I bet there would be years when the induction of the Oversight Hall would be more interesting than that of the original.

That being said - here's a little banter on some oversights (besides those hard rock/metal ones I listed above). I could go on and on, but I will try to contain myself.

Tom Waits - Finally he made the list of nominees this year. They better not embarass themselves and not put this one in its rightful place.

Jethro Tull - I just don't think they get the respect they deserve. I don't get it.

KISS - Say what you will about them, there's really no doubt they belong. It seems that someone has a (battle)axe to grind at the hall.

Rush - I'm a fan, and I think they deserve it. But I get it that there are many folks (particularly girls) that just can't stand them. But each member is just an absolute BEAST on their instrument and they have done it their way for 37 years. Nobody sounds like Rush, they are one of a kind.

Todd Rundgren - He should be in based on his work as a producer alone (Badfinger, Meat Loaf Bat Out of Hell, the debut of New York Dolls, XTC Skylarking), but is one helluva artist in his own right.

Nick Lowe - Besides all of his great songs and his work with Rockpile, he produced the first five Elvis Costello albums, the first three by Graham Parker, and The Pretenders debut.

Richard Thompson, Graham Parker, Randy Newman, Roxy Music, Big Star, Doug Sahm.

Ok, I'll stop - these were just the ones that are currently on my mp3 player...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hook of the Day - Accept "Teutonic Terror"

Ok, let's take inventory here:

Two flying V's
A guitarist named Wolf
A seriously vibrating top bass string
A shirt that says "Heavy Metal Til I Die"
More fire
Guitar formations GALORE
Back-to-basics kickass vocals
Yes, even more FIRE!

I have no further suggestions for them - just killer. And they are coming to St. Charles on October 9th. That place may never be the same. This is from their awesome new album "Blood of the Nations." Spread the word...