Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm beginning to hate Slash a little bit

by Wayne

According to an item on Blabbermouth this morning, Slash has commented on the young man who was arrested for leaking tracks from Guns N'Roses' Chinese Democracy. One quote I found particularly interesting....

I hope he rots in jail. It's going to affect the sales of the record, and it's not fair. The Internet is what it is, and you have to deal with it accordingly, but I think if someone goes and steals something, it's theft.

Fuck you, Slash.

A) Sales of the record? Are you serious? You mean the record that Axl has been working on for 14 years? If he ever takes his meds and wraps this shit up, trust me, it'll sell just fine....unless it sucks, and that won't be the fault of bloggers. But out of the gate, it'll sell. (Especially since it's going to be, what, 9 records long, and we've only heard the same 5 fucking songs over and over again)

B) If you're so protective of Axl and his precious precious money, why don't you just end this stupid Velvet Revolver horseshit and give us the reunion we want? We don't care about you and Duff and dumbass Matt Sorum trying to put a tired-ass 90's alt rock singer on life support, and we don't care about Axl, his Trent Reznor worship, and whatever dumbass KFC bucket wearing motherfucker he's got on board this year to try and replace you. While you're feeling charitable towards your former bandmates, why don't you show some love to poor Steven Adler, who has hit some really hard times. He needs your help way more than Rose does.

C) Rot in jail? Over The Axl Rose Funtime Band's wanna-be Nine Inch Nails meets Queen album with drum loops and other up-to-date (if the date is 1994) breakthroughs? A guy has to get buttfucked for enternity by White Power Pete for the rest of his life because a blogger helped further publicize an album that will probably never see the light of day? I bet a couple of folks over at Geffen would love for Axl to rot in jail for wasting millions upon millions of their dollars making an album that so far sounds like the most irritating parts of Use Your Illusion II took a shit and died.

Do you wanna know who I think should rot in jail? Sell-outs. But I know you disagree, don't you........

PS. I'll download Chinese Democracy when it comes out just to spite you. Oh, and I illegally downloaded Libertad and deleted it immediately, because it bored me to tears. Call us when you're cool again. Now go cash your Volkswagen royalties, prick.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hook of the Day - AC/DC "Rock N' Roll Train"

Here it is, the new AC/DC song "Rock N' Roll Train." Don't worry, there are no surprises here, just a straight-forward kick-ass AC/DC tune. Sounds like a great lead-off single to me. I'm ready to jump on the train...

No video here, just rock.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hook of the Day: Carcass "No Love Lost"

by Wayne

Dear Carcass,

What the fuck, dude? Are you trying to tell me that you've gotten back together for a tour, and you're SKIPPING CHICAGO???? Sort of reeks of "huge mistake" doesn't it? I can't find a date on this tour that I could possibly drive or commute to, either! Not to play legends against one another, but At the Gates came by, and they enjoyed a sold-out crowd who ate it all up like candy.

I hate to tattle, but that loud bitching and moaning sound that you guys heard when you released Heartwork was almost all coming out of Sayreville, New Jersey, who you will be gracing with your presence on September 9th. 97% of the "fuck yeah, great record" comments were coming right here out of Chicago, I assure you.

Oh well. Sorry to be harsh. Just wish you'd come 'round is all.

No Love Lost,
The Gentlemen of Hooks So Big

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hook of the Day: Gojira "Vacuity"

by Wayne

Yes, we're all excited to check out the new Metallica single and form an opinion. (Speaking for myself after only a few listens....I think it's solid, but not great.)

But have you heard the new Gojira song yet? If not, do so immediately by clicking here.

These guys are so good.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Question of the Day: Should I attend the Metal Masters tour when it comes to my town?

Are you fucking crazy? OF COURSE you should!

Here's a brief rundown.

Judas Priest

Good news. Nostradamus tracks are kept to a minimum. They played a great mix of hits and some deep tracks. Each member of the band was in peak metal condition. Special notice to drummer Scott Travis for tearing "Painkiller" the fuck up. Obviously, Priest ruled the night.

Heaven & Hell

If you can believe it, they were even better this time around than on last year's tour. Dio was amazing, as usual. Geezer is still a badass, and Tony Iommi still appears to be God. I wish Bill Ward were involved with H&H, but Vinnie Appice was quite good on the drums. "Heaven & Hell" was extended and quite amazing. Not everyone on this tour appears to be getting "Neon Knights", but we did, and it was outfuckingstanding.


Do I really need to say anything more than Motorhead? I didn't think so.


As much attention as this so-called Thrash Revival is getting with bands like Warbringer and Municipal Waste, I feel the strongest thrash records of the past year or so have been from the OGs....Dark Angel, Exodus, and the almighty Testament. Do NOT make the mistake of showing up any later than 5:30 so you can catch their terrific set.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Top Bands of the Week

by Wayne

Here are my top bands from, over the past week.

MP3 Randomization: 8-20-2008

Ozzy "No Bone Movies"
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers "Into the Great Wide Open"
Killing Joke "Bloodsport"
A Perfect Circle "3 Libras"
Melvins "Cranky Messiah"
Kylesa "Fractured"

Alice Cooper "No Time For Tears"
Captain Beefheart "Bellerin' Plain"
Willie Nelson "Amazing Grace"
Allman Brothers "Don't Want You No More"
Whitesnake "Lonely Days Lonely Nights"
Al Green "Summertime"

The Ocean "Eoarchaen- The Great Void"
Built to Spill "Twin Falls"
Thom York "Atoms for Peace"
Cattle Decapitation "CLoacula: The Anthropophagic Corpomantik"
Van Halen "Eruption"
Jody Watley "Friends"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Metal Masters Are Here!

Big day for the Chicago metal scene today. The Metal Masters Tour descends on our city (well, Tinley Park technically). I mean, Lemmy, Dio AND Halford (with a tasty Testament appetizer to boot) one day? Too much? We'll see. Let's start getting ready to be mastered (in order of appearance):



Heaven & Hell

Judas Priest


Friday, August 15, 2008

Hook of the Day - Devin Townsend "Storm"

Dev is so damn good I can hardly stand it. This one goes out to Mark who mentioned that he loves this song a couple days ago. I concur, bro...

This is a video from the bonus DVD that came with Synchestra. I would have to say it is one of the best throw-ins I've ever gotten with a CD. Just fantastic. I need to watch it in its entirety very soon. Like, probably tonight.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

My Top Artists of the Week on

So has been renovating a bit, and, for some reason, they seem to have done away with the ability to post your top artists on your blog. So, since I'm sure you care about how I've been spending my time, here's a screen capture instead.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

My Really Brief Look Back at Lollapalooza 2008

by Wayne

So, I don't have pics, I'm sure we're all sick to death of hearing about Lollapalooza for one year, and, more importantly, I'm lazy, so I'll keep this short and sweet.

Day One

Black Keys - Only saw the last two songs. Both were excellent. Big sound out of two guys.

Grizzly Bear - Very good. Great drummer. Lovely vocals.

Bloc Party - Only saw a handful of songs. Not bad. Not great, either. Some good hooks.

Radiohead - Spec-fuckin-tacular. Jonny Greenwood is my hero. Excellent lighting set-up.

Day Two

Explosions in the Sky - Wonderful. Perfect band to listen to on a lovely Saturday afternoon. Terrific interplay between the 4 musicians. Magnificent guitar work.

Battles - Easily my favorite non-headliners of the whole fest. The fact that the crowd was singing along to such a seemingly non-singalongable song as "Atlas" says everything about how great this band is live.

Lupe Fiasco - Only caught his last song, but it was very entertaining.

Rage Against the Machine - Yes, it was crazy. Yes, I feared for my life for a bit. Yes, it was exhilarating. Props to Zach de la Rocha for doing his best to keep shit from getting TOO out of hand, and for the unintentional hilarious line of the weekend ("Everyone here needs to take care of each other! Now, this next song is called 'A Bullet in the Head'!")

Day Three

Love & Rockets - Borrrr - ing.

The National - I was only able to listen to them, as I was already set for Nine Inch Nails, but I enjoy these guys alot. Great vocalist.

Nine Inch Nails - Maybe my favorite set of the weekend. Trent was amazing, the band was on fire (especially drummer Josh Freese), the stage production was pretty astounding, and the setlist touched on a little of everything. Great, great, great.

So, that's the gist of it. A great experience, good weather, fantastic times. One of the best concert going experiences of the year.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

MP3 Randomization: 08-06-08


Captain Beefheart "Sheriff Of Hong Kong"
Motorhead "Dead Man's Hand"
Allman Brothers "Get On With Your Life"
Motorhead "Over The Top"
Ian Gillan "Sleeping On The Job"
The Mavericks "Pretend"


Guns n' Roses "One in a Million"
Dub Trio "Screaming at the Sea"
Meshuggah "The Mouth Licking What You've Bled"
Nine Inch Nails "God Given"
Iron Maiden "The Trooper"
Feist "The Park"


Bang Camaro "Swallow the Razor"
Erykah Badu "Back in the City"
Dixie Chicks "Top of the World"
Pig Destroyer "4th Degree Burns"
Integrity "Release the Fiend"
Janet Jackson "Show Me"