Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm beginning to hate Slash a little bit

by Wayne

According to an item on Blabbermouth this morning, Slash has commented on the young man who was arrested for leaking tracks from Guns N'Roses' Chinese Democracy. One quote I found particularly interesting....

I hope he rots in jail. It's going to affect the sales of the record, and it's not fair. The Internet is what it is, and you have to deal with it accordingly, but I think if someone goes and steals something, it's theft.

Fuck you, Slash.

A) Sales of the record? Are you serious? You mean the record that Axl has been working on for 14 years? If he ever takes his meds and wraps this shit up, trust me, it'll sell just fine....unless it sucks, and that won't be the fault of bloggers. But out of the gate, it'll sell. (Especially since it's going to be, what, 9 records long, and we've only heard the same 5 fucking songs over and over again)

B) If you're so protective of Axl and his precious precious money, why don't you just end this stupid Velvet Revolver horseshit and give us the reunion we want? We don't care about you and Duff and dumbass Matt Sorum trying to put a tired-ass 90's alt rock singer on life support, and we don't care about Axl, his Trent Reznor worship, and whatever dumbass KFC bucket wearing motherfucker he's got on board this year to try and replace you. While you're feeling charitable towards your former bandmates, why don't you show some love to poor Steven Adler, who has hit some really hard times. He needs your help way more than Rose does.

C) Rot in jail? Over The Axl Rose Funtime Band's wanna-be Nine Inch Nails meets Queen album with drum loops and other up-to-date (if the date is 1994) breakthroughs? A guy has to get buttfucked for enternity by White Power Pete for the rest of his life because a blogger helped further publicize an album that will probably never see the light of day? I bet a couple of folks over at Geffen would love for Axl to rot in jail for wasting millions upon millions of their dollars making an album that so far sounds like the most irritating parts of Use Your Illusion II took a shit and died.

Do you wanna know who I think should rot in jail? Sell-outs. But I know you disagree, don't you........

PS. I'll download Chinese Democracy when it comes out just to spite you. Oh, and I illegally downloaded Libertad and deleted it immediately, because it bored me to tears. Call us when you're cool again. Now go cash your Volkswagen royalties, prick.


Chris B. said...

Just a little bit? :)

Fuck Metallica for the same reasons. I was pretty into them when they were not MTV fodder (back when they used to play at the Cabaret Metro) and even into their "breakthrough" albums. They got stale pretty quickly after the black album, though, and the whole suing their fans for trading their music thing put it over the top for me.

The Grateful Dead had it right all along.

Myche said...

That video is hilarious. That guy that you hear sounds like he's about to orgasm. How many people did he annoy with the story of the show the next day?

Wayne said...

If I had even a shred of patience for the task, I'd collect all the great concert videos that contain a douchebag who has no idea how loud he's speaking, and how obvious his comments are. This video would be the "Appetite for Destruction" of such clips. I'm working on the "Chinese Democracy" version, but you're going to have to give me 15 years to finish it.