Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hook of the Day: Carcass "No Love Lost"

by Wayne

Dear Carcass,

What the fuck, dude? Are you trying to tell me that you've gotten back together for a tour, and you're SKIPPING CHICAGO???? Sort of reeks of "huge mistake" doesn't it? I can't find a date on this tour that I could possibly drive or commute to, either! Not to play legends against one another, but At the Gates came by, and they enjoyed a sold-out crowd who ate it all up like candy.

I hate to tattle, but that loud bitching and moaning sound that you guys heard when you released Heartwork was almost all coming out of Sayreville, New Jersey, who you will be gracing with your presence on September 9th. 97% of the "fuck yeah, great record" comments were coming right here out of Chicago, I assure you.

Oh well. Sorry to be harsh. Just wish you'd come 'round is all.

No Love Lost,
The Gentlemen of Hooks So Big

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