Thursday, August 21, 2008

Question of the Day: Should I attend the Metal Masters tour when it comes to my town?

Are you fucking crazy? OF COURSE you should!

Here's a brief rundown.

Judas Priest

Good news. Nostradamus tracks are kept to a minimum. They played a great mix of hits and some deep tracks. Each member of the band was in peak metal condition. Special notice to drummer Scott Travis for tearing "Painkiller" the fuck up. Obviously, Priest ruled the night.

Heaven & Hell

If you can believe it, they were even better this time around than on last year's tour. Dio was amazing, as usual. Geezer is still a badass, and Tony Iommi still appears to be God. I wish Bill Ward were involved with H&H, but Vinnie Appice was quite good on the drums. "Heaven & Hell" was extended and quite amazing. Not everyone on this tour appears to be getting "Neon Knights", but we did, and it was outfuckingstanding.


Do I really need to say anything more than Motorhead? I didn't think so.


As much attention as this so-called Thrash Revival is getting with bands like Warbringer and Municipal Waste, I feel the strongest thrash records of the past year or so have been from the OGs....Dark Angel, Exodus, and the almighty Testament. Do NOT make the mistake of showing up any later than 5:30 so you can catch their terrific set.


Myche said...

Well said. I wholeheartedly agree. I'm not sure I've been to a marathon metal concert with as high a level of musicianship throughout. Start to finish quality. Testament really impressed me with the opening slot - their last song "The Formation of Damnation" absolutley killed. Motorhead tore up "Overkill" at the end. Heaven & Hell were mesmerizing. JP pulled out some songs I've never heard them play live and just simply knocked it out the park.

It was a kick ass show.

Mark said...

And you couldnt beat the company....