Monday, May 19, 2008

Hook of the Day - Battle of Mice "Sleep and Dream"

by Wayne Graham

Julie Christmas is easily one of the most electric vocalists in contemporary heavy music. She's got a voice that can veer from a baby doll to a banshee without a moment's notice. Many compare her to PJ Harvey, which is pretty apt, but I'd throw in Bjork and Mike Patton as a couple of others she reminds me of as well.

Battle of Mice is a supergroup of sorts, combining Christmas, Josh Graham of Neurosis/Red Sparowes/A Storm of Light, and members of Book of Knots and Peeping Tom. I've heard conflicting reports of the likelihood of any new Battle of Mice material, but any of you wanting to hear more of Ms. Christmas should be sure to check out her "main" band, Made Out of Babies, who have a new record called The Ruiner coming out this summer. (check out their MySpace to hear a new track from that album called "Cooker", and cook it damn well does)

Here's Battle of Mice with "Sleep and Dream" from their excellent 2006 album Day of Nights.

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