Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hook of the Day - Y&T "This Time"

by Myche J

Thanks for endulging me on the last three Hooks. To round out the all-Y&T weekend, we're going to brings things down a bit. Here's the monster ballad "This Time". This song should have been a huge hit for them. We've never seen them do this live, but here's a clip of them doing it in March, 2007 at the CD release party in San Francisco of the remastered In Rock We Trust. They did the whole album in its entirety, and I would have been there if I didn't have a wedding to attend. Where were my priorities?

There's a lot of chatter - but it is a nice rendition, and I'm glad someone caught it. Anyway, "This Time"...

1 comment:

Mark said...

God bless this song. God Bless these guys. They are mine. I don't care what anyone says, These guys have helped define what I love about Rock!! I pledge my allegiance.