Friday, May 09, 2008

Heavy Metal Logo Wars: Scorpions v. Judas Priest

The Priest logo is classic. The steel font lets you know just what you're going to listen to, and that's the work of a good logo. But Scorps Font cannot be beat. It's quite distinctive and I love the way each letter curves into the one next to it. Scorpions

Well, it's shimmering metal vs. shimmering metal. Those are two very good logos. I'd have to give the edge to Judas Priest due to the incorporation of the buzzcutt sawlike feature at the bottom. If it were a an actually piece of metal, you could get hurt handling it. Judas Priest

While I am a huge Scorpions fan, and their logo is certainly one of the more original of fonts. I do not feel the rounded edges of the font is sharp enough, While the edges of the Priest logo is sharp tight and right. I like how metal it looks just by using the letters. That's the one for me. My vote Priest

And the winner is......

Judas Priest

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