Friday, May 16, 2008

Heavy Metal Logo Wars: Judas Priest vs. Metallica

This week, last week's champion, Judas Priest, goes head to head against Metallica on the road to logo supremacy.

Last week, we all commented on the metallic sheen, the sharp corners, and the jagged teeth of Priest's logo. (We neglected to mention the bad ass cross making the T in Priest, though). But, honestly....that Metallica logo is iconic. You could ask people on the street what Priest's logo looks like, and you'd get a lot of shrugged shoulders. Ask the same person to sketch Metallica's logo, and there's a good chance you'll get the clean and simple "etallic" and the lightning bolt M and A. When you see someone other than Metallica using this style, most will recognize it as a play on their logo. It's a classic.
My vote...definitely Metallica.
Ummm, Priest. I'm gonna go for it. I think as much as everybody on the planet likes Metallica more than I do, I still think that Priest's logo is super tough. The simplicity of Metallica's logo is impressive. But I'm going old school....
My vote....Priest
Once again, I come in late but must cast the deciding vote. What pressure. Next time let me know and I will cast my vote first and one of you guys can make the tough decisions! It's so hard to separate your feelings for the band and your feelings for their logo. Anyway, I'm going to have to go with Judas Priest again. There's just more going on in the logo, but none of it excessive. Do we have brackets for this, or do we just go until we've thought of everyone and the last man is standing? I'm sure Wayne has it all figured out...
My vote: Judas Priest
Winner: Judas Priest

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