Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MP3 Randomization: 4-30-2008


Iron Maiden - "Heaven Can Wait"
Radiohead - "Subterranean Homesick Alien"
Trans Am - "American Kooter"
Iced Earth - "Angels Holocaust"
Paul Stanley - "We Are Just Getting Started" (onstage banter)
The Strokes - "The Modern Age"


Prince- "The Question of U"
Stone Sour- "Socio"
Iced Earth- "Red Baron / Blue Max" (How bout that, QM?)
Kanye West- "I Wonder"
Sepultura- "Refuse/Resist"
Styx- "Blue Collar Man"


Rick Danko - "Sweet Romance"
Bruce Dickinson - "Accident of Birth"
Iced Earth - "Iced Earth"
Richard Thompson - "Dimming of the Day"
Neil Young - "No Wonder"
Richard Thompson - "Got No Right"


Wayne said...

Are you KIDDING me??? We all got Iced Earth...two days before we're going to see Iced Earth?!?!

Mark said...

The Earth Knows.