Monday, April 14, 2008

Hook of the Day - Motley Crue "Too Young to Fall in Love"

by Wayne Graham

So, Motley Crue is back in rock news lately. There's a "Big Announcement" tomorrow, which is rumored to be news of a CrueFest tour which would include a lot of bands like Papa Roach, Trapt and a bunch of other bands I can't stand.

The Crue is also streaming a new song--"Saints of Los Angeles"-- from their upcoming album, The Dirt. (listen HERE)

Um, don't worry, that's not the Hook of the Day. "Saints" has a typically good Mick Mars riff, and typically great Nikki Sixx-Tommy Lee rhythm section grooving, but the lyrics are sub-laughable and Vince Neil continues his vocal decline. So let's go with "Too Young to Fall in Love" instead. Shout at the Devil remains their best album.


Mark said...

Great fucking jam. It's my fav of the Crue!!! B'Wayne-o is the man.

Myche said...

"Sub-laughable"...that's fantastic!