Thursday, April 03, 2008

Miss Jackson likes to get down.

by Mark Hanner

And by 'Get Down', I mean, she likes to get freaky. I mean, isn't that what she wants us to believe? On her last, like, FIVE albums, she has in between tracks that have her breathing heavy and coyly playing with someone and proving to us that she has sex. We get it. Move on. Pass me the JAM!!! Now, I say this with the BIGGEST love for Janet. I have gotten every cd that she has released. She's a diva, and I'm a fan, what do you want from me? I think her songs are fun (when they're good) and I will admit it in public that I think she is great. I've taken some umbrage with her last few albums. (Oh SURE, take all the umbrage) It's like she wasnt inspired or something. I mean, Janet has always had filler on her albums, but alot of the last two albums have had more than I expected. I dont think I've listened to 20yo more than three times. I love the songs Enjoy and Show me, but thats about it. On Damita Jo I liked the Kanye stuff and I LOVE the song All Night (don't stop) (Well done, Miss J). But I think she suffers from all of the other ingenues around. I expect Janet to lead not follow. I dont want Janet to sound like Gwen Stefani. Or Mariah Carey. You were first, girl, STEP UP!! And on the albums weak tracks she's following. Oh well, I'm gonna stop bitching at talk about what I DO like about the new album, Discipline.

That song Feedback is a JAM!!! I love the Daft Punk vibe that she sampled on 'So Much Betta.' And in this case, I dont mind that others have Daft Punked before, most recently with Kanye's Stronger. (Jam. you can be my black Kate Moss tonight) I think that's a good step forward. It's as fun and as different a song that I have heard her put out. Rock with U is also a JAM. She can still put out the jams. Janet has never really had the strongest voice. I'm sure she's not going to get any awards for her performances in vocalizing, but she can sure sounds great on dance tracks! I could do without a few of the inner slow, come fuck me songs. Cause I really dont want to fuck Janet Jackson. I'm more of a Joshua Jackson fan when it comes to that. Anyway, Janet, I'm a huge fan, and probably will be as long as you're putting out cds. Just focus on the Jam and quit diddling your puss. I said it.

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