Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hook of the Day - Nine Inch Nails "Discipline"

by Wayne Graham

Remember back when Trent Reznor would take 5 years in between new Nine Inch Nails albums? With the advent of release-it-when-it's-done album distribution experiments, those days are long gone. Only two months ago, Trent released the soundscapes n' textures instrumental collection Ghosts I-IV directly to fans through his website before releasing a physical copy. Yesterday, Trent released a new song called "Discipline" to radio, allegedly 24 hours after he was finished mastering it. The other day, in a post on NIN's official site, there was an update that simply said "two weeks." Last time he posted something like this, we got Ghosts. One would presume that a new album--one with vocals---is on the way before NIN hits the road for the summer.

This track is great, by the way. Closer to With Teeth than Year Zero, which is fine. (I consider With Teeth to be sorely underrated) Drop by to download your copy, as well as a file to remix, which is becoming the norm. Reznor truly has an eye towards the future of music and interactivity with fans, and is to be applauded.

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