Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hook of the Day - The Allman Brothers Band "Dreams"

by Wayne Graham

I've recently embarked on a journey towards rock guitar supremacy. I've played drums for a number of years, but I've never really given guitar more attention than learning some chords here and there. But there are so many musicians doing such great work on the instrument lately, and the opportunity to come into contact with great music you missed before is so much higher now than ever before, that I now feel inspired to finally learn as much as I can.

This state of musical growth, combined with my Southern upbringing and the Southern Rock leanings of bands I enjoy like Mastodon, Down, and Baroness have led me to study the work of Duane Allman more closely.

Duane was taken from the world far too soon, but the work he left behind is stunning. Here's the Allman Brothers Band performing "Dreams" live in 1970. Beautiful, beautiful music.

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Myche said...

Jam central. You should check out Derek & The Dominoes if you haven't already. Clapton and Allman, what a twin-guitar attack...