Thursday, June 05, 2008

Killers (1981)


First of all, this is easily one of the coolest iconic covers of all rock time! He sort of has Tina Turner hair, but god damn, if he doesn't look tough. (plus who, at that time DIDN'T have Tina Turner hair?) Like if you bought this tape, you WERE one of the cool kids. I totally have grown to love this album. For it is the album that has the JAM, "Murders in the Rue Morgue" Also my friend Kent's favorite song. This expands on the bratty British rock band thing that I felt they hands down pat on the first album, so yay. And the song writing got tighter and righter. Although honestly, I will still pull out Piece of Mind or Powerslave before I pull this out, but I tell ya I am never disappointed with this album. I think I like the first one better though for my Dianno dollar.


I agree that if you had to pick just one Maiden cover to put in the time capsule, it's this one. I've always loved watching the different environments and concepts we find good old Eddie in from album to album, but this is the one to beat. (Love those frantic hands pulling desperately on his shirt!) As far as the music goes, this record comes up more often than you'd think when people talk about their favorite Maiden records, and for good reason. Like Mark outlined above, it's the same template as the first album, but "tighter and righter." This album welcomes Adrian Smith to the band, and his presence definitely raises everyone else's game, especially co-shredder Dave Murray. The riffs and leads are better even than those on the debut. In Clive Burr's short time as Maiden's drummer, he got better and better with each record he played on, so his performance on this one is just great. Overall, it's the kind of record that great bands make when they make a big splash with a debut and need to get around a sophomore slump.....a record that takes the energy and spirit of the debut, and adds increased virtuosity, volume, and attitude.

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