Monday, June 16, 2008

Hook of the Day - 3 New Mastodon songs!

by Wayne

Okay, I do believe that we're all well rested after Maiden now. (we'll try and have some thoughts up very soon. Needless to say, they blew our minds)

To make up for lack of Hooks of the Day over the past little bit, we're throwing THREE (3) your way today.

HSB faves Mastodon played Bonnaroo over the weekend, and debuted three new songs from their upcoming, Brendan O'Brien-produced, Rasputin themed, Tool-Yes-Frank Zappa-King Crimson-influenced follow up to 2006's masterpiece Blood Mountain.

The names of these songs are "Divinations", "Ghost of Karillah", and "Oblivion", although I'm not entirely sure which title goes with which song.


UPDATE: Blarg! The clips have been yanked. YouTube giveth, YouTube taketh away

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