Monday, March 24, 2008

Hook of the Day - Big Business "Grounds for Divorce"

by Wayne Graham

A couple of years ago, I was the Double Door waiting for High on Fire to come out and lay waste to the joint, and out comes two guys--one bass player, one drummer---who called themselves Big Business. The crowd was ornery and BB had some work ahead of them......and they absolutely slayed! They had a tougher time when I caught them again opening for Tool, opening for Tool can be dangerous water...but BB played great then, too.

As you may know, these guys have also joined The Melvins as their new bass player and second drummer, so if it's good enough for Buzzo, it's plenty good for the rest of us! From a Chicago Double Door show opening for The Melvins last fall, here's "Grounds for Divorce" from their fantastic Here Come The Waterworks album. Thanks to thinkerthought for uploading!

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