Thursday, March 06, 2008

CD Preview: Crom – Hot Sumerian Nights


By Myche J

I’m flying completely blind here, but I have a good feeling about this. Haven’t heard it at all, but I’ve read some things that sound promising. It’s probably going to be awesome, I just need to find out if it will be funny/ridiculous awesome, or seriously good awesome (or possibly a combination?).

First things first: look at that album cover. Fairly cheesy graphics, with the middle dude flipping the bird. I’d love to see what art they DIDN’T go with. I love it. I also get a kick out of the fact that it kind of looks like the second and fifth guys are smiling a bit. Not very metal, in my opinion, but while I keep looking at it I’m not so sure they are smiling. Maybe it’s just neutral glares. Although, given what the second guy is wearing, you know he’s the clown of the bunch (Purple? As you are marching into war?). You gotta work hard to stand out as the goofy dresser in that bunch.

Ok, on to the tunes that I’ve never heard. There are 22 tracks on the CD, many I believe are short intros with audio clips of Conan The Barbarian. That will work. Then most of what I assume are songs clock in at around 1:30. Cool – cut to the chase, we all got a lot to do. But then there is one song that is over eight minutes long called “Book of Thoth”. I love a good epic, and that sounds promising. Other gems are “Battle Axe Butchery/Banned in B.C.”, “The Horn of Tiafa-diop”, “Thorgrimm’s Lament”, and “Wee Hours of the Snowgoat”. Tell me, how can this miss?

So I’m off to do some research on these guys. I’ll report back with an update…

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Wayne said...

Three reviews I cannot wait to read:

1) The first reviews of the new Nachtmystium

2) The first reviews of the new Torche

3) Your Crom review.