Friday, September 05, 2008

MP3 Randomization: 9-5-2008


Metallica "The Judas Kiss"
Mahavishnu Orchestra "You Know, You Know"
Nine Inch Nails "The Four of Us are Dying"
Audioslave "Getaway Car"
Pantera "Death Rattle"
Mayhem "Dark Night of the Soul"


CCR "Ooby Dooby"
Queensryche "Della Brown"
Captain Beefheart "Ant Man Bee"
Prince "The Dance"
Motorhead "City Kids"
Lou Reed "Ecstacy"


Sonic Youth "Kim Gordon and the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream"
Matthew Sweet "Ready"
Shadows Fall "Those Who Cannot Speak"
Chuck Coleman "I Feel Ya Harris-san"
Queensryche "All I Want"
Arlo "Culture"

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