Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hook of the Day: Dark Meat at Hideout Block Party 09-21-08

by Myche

This one's going out to my partner in crime on Sunday afternoon (you know who you are, Nancy!). We were both pretty blown away by this band, Dark Meat from Athens, Georgia. Two drummers, multiple instruments, war paint - it was quite a spectacle. And beyond the spectacle, they brought the rock to Chicago. Great set, and they made our decision to get there early prove out to be the right choice.

I read somewhere that they played earlier this year at the Empty Bottle and had three drummers. Now that would have been something to see...

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Nancy said...

That was such an awesome set. I recall making a concious effort to make sure my mouth was closed, because I was so awestruck. The dual drummers (one of them naked BTW - ok in a diaper) were mesmerizing to watch. I could only imagine three! I'll definitely have them on my radar for their next Chicago gig.

Mike, best call ever on getting there early! Can't wait til next year's Block Party.