Monday, June 29, 2009

Mike Jackson

Yup. I called him Mike.

A big thumbs up to my fellow 'Hooks so Big' brethren for their kind words about Michael Jackson. There is no way to deny it. I don't know anyone who can dispute his legacy. We were all there.

Its taken me a long time to put my thoughts down. This death has shocked and depressed me more than I could have ever imagined. I cried more than a few times over this loss. It's funny how, I never met the man, yet he affected me so much.

I have never given up on him. I bought 'Dangerous' when it was released. I bought 'Invincible' when it was released. You HAD to!! it was Mike Jackson!! I have never not had his whole discography on my MP3 player, and I listen to it whenever I wanted something upbeat and fun. He about covers it. I bought the Thriller tape on the same day I bought 'Love at First Sting.' I remember walking past Magoo's and seeing all those posters of the cover of the album and that little tiger he was holding, and just thought..."That guy HAS to be cool if he hangs out with tigers...."

"P.Y.T" Written by James Ingram (another favorite)
"Smooth Criminal"
Jamming with Meredith.
Love is a feeling.

Nothing I'm writing is going to be new. We all know this stuff. As Meredith said to me over Text..."He was ours."

He was so beyond anything that we could comprehend. He reached a level of fame that few see. I feel so bad for all the scrutiny of him. He had to do the best he could with what he had. I'm not going to entertain any negative press about him. I'm just not going to. He became weird because of him reacting to the press and everyone who wanted a piece of him. He didnt deserve that, and doesnt deserve negativity after his premature passing. His contribution to the world is more than any of us could imagine in giving. And he gave what he could to make us all happy. He gave back to the world. He thrilled us all.

and I called him Mike.

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