Friday, June 26, 2009

Hook of the Day - Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury "State of Shock"

Everyone of a certain age has a positive, non-controversial early Michael Jackson memory, and mine was seeing Michael and his brothers on the 1984 Victory Tour at Knoxville's Neyland Stadium. It was my second concert ever (1st was Air Supply), and it blew my mind. The opening act was a juggler who got good-natured jeers when he did a routine with "Purple Rain" as his background music. (My first exposure to artistic rivalries, years upon years before Vince Neil v. Axl Rose or Tupac v. Biggie) The Jacksons also did a pretty sweet-ass King Arthur scene onstage.

MJ wrote our Hook of the Day with Queen's Freddie Mercury. Ultimately, the version that went on the Jacksons' Victory album had MJ and Mick Jagger on lead vox, but here you have that rare demo version. You can listen to the Jagger version here. (Sorry, couldn't find an embeddable clip)

RIP MJ...thanks for the tunes

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