Monday, June 01, 2009

Hook of the Day - Pink Floyd "One of these Days"

Last night, I popped in the Director's Cut DVD of Floyd's classic 1972 "concert" film, "Live At Pompeii". Per the suggestion of many, MANY Netflix reviewers, I opted for the original 1972 cut (included on the disc as a special feature), which sticks to the Pompeii footage along with some Paris soundstage footage to round it out. Many viewers complain about the director's cut's added cheeseball effects, and faux-Dark Side of the Moon studio footage. (The band were already mixing the actual album when they shot his material)

It's a hell of a performance, and you can really see the effect Floyd had on bands ranging from Tool to Neurosis all the way down to Mastodon's recent material. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

**See if you notice one of the best drumstick fumble saves of all time in this clip**


Myche said...

I'm going to have to compare the versions now. I'll admit, I totally fell for the Dark Side studio footage - that was a highlight for me...

Wayne said...

Well, technically, the album had not quite come out yet, so I'm sure it's still cool to see. I didn't even bother with that version, based on what the other Netflix users said. I just went straight for the nitty gritty.