Thursday, July 03, 2008

Myche's Stoned Ramblings From Last Night's Trouble Concert

by Myche

So I went to the Trouble concert last night at Nite Cap completely baked. This was the first Chicago appearance with new singer Korey Clarke. I went into the night thinking that I would go to a show of a Trouble tribute band, so this was kind of the same except it had 4/5 of the actual band. The band sounded great as usual, but definitely looked to be compensating for the absence of ex-lead singer, Eric Wagner. Clarke did a pretty good job on vocals, and for the most part I was pleased. Definitely a warm-up show as Clarke had to reference lyrics written out by his feet for a lot of the songs. Kind of weird, but I guess what do you expect? It was kind of interesting to watch. But as I said before, I was high.

Below are the mostly unedited notes I took during the show. All comments pertain to the band that came out before Trouble (Stoneface Nation, which I read this morning that it was the first show with their new lead singer. I thought they rocked well, by the way. A picture of the band is below, the singer/lead guitarist is the guy on the right.).


I may need to get high again to understand a few of these points, and I apoligize to everyone else ahead of time for this nonsense. If you were there with me (and hopefully stoned as well) these are the things I would have said into your ear during the set - they would have made much more sense in that context. But what the hell, I thought I would share! Here goes:

I'm pretty sure this guy thinks he's rocking your ass off (they are pretty good)

Only 60 people are at this show on a Wednesday night, seems small - but then again, there are 60 people in your area that are there just like you

A song unknown to me that the band probably unanimously selected as THE SONG to open with

Walk up and cut distance to stage in half (update: then do it a second time)

The guy who pulls out a Doro tour shirt tonight (was it selected special for this show or is today just another day?) (update: a fresh 2008 tour shirt, no less)

Is it even possible to count on a good conversation coming out of an inquiry "so you like Doro, huh?"

The band is kind of rocking my ass right now so I should stop typing

Stoneface Nation, by the way

The singer could don viking gear and quickly transform into something very appropriate (update: first guy I see the next morning at the elevator at work looks like he could be the singer's dad. Seriously.)

They play UFO's "Shoot Shoot" like they mean business

At first I thought the singer/lead guitarist was wearing blue cotton sweatpants - would that be wrong?

The (bigger) smirk on the singer's face as he watches the one guy going nuts in front is either that he likes what he knows (knows the guy and likes him) or that he knows what he likes

End with a doom version of "Sgt. Pepper", then go into a doom version of "I Am The Walrus". Bold.

First song at break is Motorhead's "Motorhead" (live, I think). Nice.


Wayne said...

This might be the most entertaining reading of any kind that I've experienced in a good long while, and I've read alot of good stuff lately. I have no idea what any of this means, and I don't care to learn. It's like sifting through Ulysses, but not a pain in the ball bag.

Also....Doro? In 2008?? REALLY???

Myche said...

Just added a picture of Stoneface Nation, to give a little visual.

I wish I could add a picture of the Doro guy. Note to self: bring camera on journeys...

Wayne said...

I wasn't there, and I suspect that I know EXACTLY what Doro guy looks like.