Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Manowar Video Challenge

by Myche

Let me preface by saying that I like Manowar. Yes, they are over-the-top and completely ridiculous. But I can't help having fun with it. Plus, I will defend any day the merits of Eric Adams' chops - he can kick it out...

So here's the challenge: See how long you can keep a straight face while watching this video.

1. Before starting the video below get serious - totally deadpan.
2. Play video (you must have the audio up as well).
3. Try not to smile.
4. Note the elapsed time of the video if/once you smile and post it in the comments section.

I would think that if the video doesn't get you, the audio will.

I can't get past 0:40.


Wayne said...

21 seconds....I shit you not. It was hard enough getting through the little intro, but I didn't get past two measures of the song. I'm weak.

Mark said...

I hate to admit it but I laughed at the sight of the metal being drilled down by the fire at the beginning. I was really trying too. I think because I pictured Joey Demio's ridiculous face getting the crowd to go nuts while he pulls off his bass strings....and thats not even in this video. These guys are nuts.. in a good way.

Chris B. said...

I got about 5 seconds in and realized they were essentially remaking a heavy metal Flashdance. That made me giggle.

Myche said...
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Myche said...

I guess the fact that I saw some of the beginning while looking for this gave me an unfair advantage when I did my first challenge. But I've done it a couple times and can't get past "Quit my job this morning"...

I think these straight face challenges are hard anyway with all the anticipation. But this video has a ton of things that will get you. I should have added that once you are defeated, do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing...

Here ares some of my highlights, listed by time:

:02 Pipe
:19 Opening riff
:21,:24,:31 Two kicks and throwing goggles to the beat
:39 "Quit my job this morning"
:50 "Cuz I, need metal in my life...just like an eagle needs to fly"
1:13 First awesome metal scream
2:27 Lead guitar break
2:53 Second awesome metal scream
3:15 Third
4:03 Fourth

So much great stuff...

Anonymous said...

0:59 " the eagle needs to fly" That's when it got too stoopid

Alex said...

almost broke at the "eagle needs to fly" but lost it at 1:23, "guy gave me a beer".