Thursday, October 05, 2006


Here it is folks, the official launching of the "Hooks So Big" blog. Here's the scoop:

Main contributors: Mark Hanner and Mike Johnson

Main purpose: MH and MJ will alternate picking an album of the week. We will listen to it during the week (M-Su), then talk about it. Simple enough? You are all welcome to play at home. Just add a comment as you see fit. We will post on Monday what the album of the week is, and who's pick it was - no other comments at that time. Then by the next Monday both MH and MJ will have posted their comments.

Secondary purpose: There may be some random postings from time to time - maybe concert previews or reviews, etc. Who really knows?

What are the rules of each album of the week you pick?: There are none. We alternate, and no questions are asked.

Where did the name of the blog come from?: There was a random comment made by one of the contributors in reference to the Y&T song "Love Has No Cure" (from Unearthed Vol. 2): "It's got a hook so big you could hang a side of beef from it".

Warning: We kind of like a lot of metal. A lot of the albums will probably be of or pertaining to metal music. And we are not apologizing for this...


Mark said...

That's right, maggots.

Pattycake said...

I am going to bite you both.