Tuesday, October 07, 2008

MP3 Randomization: 10-7-2008


Booker T. and the MGs "Slim Jenkins Place (Slim Jenkins' Joint)"
Soundgarden "Head Injury"
Simple Minds "Don't You (Forget About Me)"
Queens of the Stone Age "The Sky is Fallin'"
John Lennon "Jealous Guy"
Disfear "Get it Off"


Larry Graham and Graham Central Station "One in a Million You"
Liz Phair "Perfect World"
RUSH "Closer to the Heart"
Dillinger Escape Plan "Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants"
Idina Menzel "I Stand"
Strapping Young Lad "Rape Song"


Merle Haggard "The Hobo"
Parliament "Children of Production"
Willie Nelson "I Gotta Get Drunk"
Captain Beefheart "On Tomorrow"
Iron Maiden "Children of the Damned"
Rockpile "If Sugar Was As Sweet As You"

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