Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I admit it

I'm a douche. I ha vent written anything on this blog for a while. I am truly sorry to my metal brethren for not being there. I have no excuse. But I tell ya, I have been listening to some great shit. I pretty much agree with everything that has been said thus far on this site I only surround myself with fantastic guys. B'Wayne-o, Myche. You are the jam.

Okay, a few things on my mind.

Album of the year. it's a tight fucking race. MANY big releases have come out that I have enjoyed. I"m going to have to start formulating a list. I don't want to exclude anyone just because I'm an idiot.

To be on the list so far...SlipKnot, Opeth, Torche, The Sword, Gojira, AMON AMARTH, Harvey Milk (recently acquired and LOVING) and many non metal...Ben Folds. Death Cab grew back their nuts and put guitars on the new album, Erykah Badu, Weezer. Plus albums that I haven't gotten the pleasure for that may be released by year's end/....Mastodon, Kanye.

The past few year's end toppers are included in that list. Who can forget how many times I fucking listened to the last SlipKnot album? Well, me really, Myche, maybe..Anyway, theres been some fucking good music this year.

I am currently listening to the Harvey Milk album that B'Wayne-o laid on me. (layed? Lied?) Its good. these guys are hungry, and I hope who ever is holding the raw meat out in front of them as they play, I applaud that man. Well done boys. I wanna hang out with you.

The new Ben Folds CD is really good. I cant even tell you how much I love the song Cologne. I gotta find the video. It's pure talent. This man is the best.

Um, SlipKnot's album is really good, too. Yet I seem to be going back to the first part of the album. Those songs are pretty memorable. That song "Gematria" is perfect. Anyone who doesn't think that is a masterpiece, shouldn't. Its what I WANT from metal. Chaos, melody, drums, time signature changes, that thing near the end that makes me want to convulse my entire body to it's awesomeness. Psychosocial is gonna be one of my favorite tracks of the year. hands down.

I'm also digging the new Madonna cd. Not to be a fag, but I am not bothered by this album one bit. It's consistent and that rap that Kanye does in "The Beat Goes On" is damn TIGHT. it puts that song in the next stratosphere. Well, done, Madge. I'm with ya. You're husband is hot, too, so quit fucking that up. I'm sure he's delightful.

Um, what else. Oh yeah, I 've also been listening to John Williams stuff. For some reason, I can't stop listening to the Superman soundtrack. Why the fuck not? It's great music to fly with. I just flew this past weekend, and I listened to John Williams mostly. As you're up in the sky, why WOULDN'T you listen to the Flying sequence from Superman? And the song from Always called "Among the Clouds" It majestic and beautiful. I've also been loving the Amistad soundtrack and Those horns in Saving Private Ryan make me cry. I'll be sad when he dies. He's like what, 90? That man is. He has added so much beauty to the world.

Oh, and by the way Amon Amarth. WELL DONE on the new album, It has jam all OVER IT. You need an ENTIRE loaf of bread for all that jam.

Meshuggah. Janet Jackson. What's wrong with her? What kind of sickness? Idina Menzel. (my gay theatre side coming out.) The Sword. eh.

This one track on Harvey Milk suddenly turns into a queen song.

Oh, and we get to see Y & T in about a month! No big deal.


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Wayne said...

I'm doubtful that anything is going to take the Album of the Year (according to me) award away from Torche at this point. Other likely best-of-year candiates: Opeth, Nachtmystium, Made Out of Babies, U.S. Christmas, Harvey Milk, Meshuggah, Melvins, Intronaut