Thursday, December 21, 2006

Top 5 Concerts Attended in 2006


This was my most productive concert-going year: 35 shows in all. I don't think I'll ever top that. It was a great year...

1. Bruce Springsteen and the Seeger Sessions Band @ First Midwest Ampitheater - I decided to go at the last minute and didn't really have that high of expectations, but the show absolutely blew me away. His 18-piece band packed a huge punch and he really looked like he was having fun. Superb.

2. Roger Waters @ First Midwest Ampitheater - I was so excited to see him and he did not disappoint.

3. Queensryche @ Potawatami Bingo Casino in Milwaukee - Great seats made this one special.

4. Mastodon @ Metro - Raw and powerful.

5. Y&T @ Chicago City Limits - The boys playing on our home turf for a change...

Other notable shows: Iron Maiden, Tom Waits, Randy Newman, Sammy Hagar, Journey & Def Leppard, Paul Stanley, Bob Dylan, Bob Seger, Tenacious D, Boris, David Zollo @ an Iowa wedding and Mutiny in Chicago (two shows).


1. Mastodon @ Metro -For a couple of seconds before their show started, I was standing right next to Brent Hines. That was nice. Covet. Plus. Mastodon at the Metro. Perfect.

2. Built to Spill @ Metro (two nights) - It's always a pleasure.

3. Lemonheads @ Double Door -I smiled so much during this show...

4. Unholy Alliance: Slayer, Mastodon, Lamb of God, Children of Bodom @ Aragon Ballroom - So hot. So many shaved heads and tatoos, I could hardly stand it.....

5. Queensryche @ Potawatomi Bingo Casino - Simply because we could sit and still be in the front. Mindcrime I and II and discount coupon for blackjack.....


5. Iron Maiden @ Allstate Arena - The WHOLE NEW ALBUM?!? Yes, please.....

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Wayne said...

1. TOOL @ both Chicagoland appearances (Auditorium Theatre and Allstate Arena)
I always dug Tool, but in The Year of Our Lord 2006, they became an extremely important band to me. Their live show is a feast to the senses. Not to be missed.

2. MASTODON @ the Metro
An embarrassment of riches. Worth all the hype and more. Blood Mountain was the finest record of any genre in 2006 BTW.

I always hate sitting on CTA or PACE after a show listening to people bitch that the band didn't play enough hits. And I'm not that guy now, Maiden killed the new songs, better than on the album. But that part of the show doesn't make the list. FEAR OF THE DARK, IRON MAIDEN, 2 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT, THE EVIL THAT MEN DO, & HALLOWED BE THY NAME, oh that shit totally does. If those songs were on the new album, I would listen to them play it front to back TWICE, and with no hits.

Not sure I can say things about Radiohead that haven't been said 1,000,00 times already, so I'll note their appearance on this list, and move along.

5. Lamb of God -- UNHOLY ALLIANCE tour @ Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee
Slayer (especially Dave Lombardo), Bodom, and Mastodon (whose Metro perf a few months later was MILES better) were all great, but LoG handed my ass to me. I'm not a mosh pit guy. Not up to me this time.

Looking forward to the 2007 picks, guys.