Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top 6 Artists/Bands You Would Like to See Live for the First Time (that aren’t dead or disbanded with a very low likelihood of reforming):


1. Saint Vitus
2. Billy Joe Shaver
3. Immortal
4. Big Star
5. Nevermore
6. Burning Spear


Let's just assume that Led Zeppelin reunion ain't in the cards. That said:

1. Pink Floyd either as a unit (fingers crossed) or seeing Waters and Gilmore separately, which I have yet to do
2. Faith No More
3. ZZ Top
4. Pig Destroyer
5. Soundgarden
6. Napalm Death


Myche said...

I put the Pink Floyd reunion in the "very low likelihood of reforming" category, or that would definitely be on my list. Although, I heard some rumor that Roger Waters is planning to tour and play "The Wall" in 2010/11 and heard additional rumors that it might in fact be a Pink FLoyd reunion. I will beleive it when I'm in the crowd and they actually come out and start playing...

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