Friday, July 17, 2009

How about some metal at Wrigley?

by Myche

Elton John and Billy Joel at Wrigley Field this year? The promoters are playing it way too safe. For next year, I propose the (1st annual?) Campbell's Soup Mmmm Good Metal Spectacular (CSMGMS for short). The show kicks off with (Yngwie) Malmsteen shreding the National Anthem on a rooftop out in left field. Then we create an opening band wave from all the rooftops moving towards right field with Metal Church, Macabre, Machine Head and Meshuggah.

The show then moves into Wrigley and kicks off with Megadeth, then Motorhead. Manowar takes the stage next, playing every song they've ever written and ending their set with a 30-minute fireworks display in which each propulsion is shot from a secretly installed mortar under each seat in the stadium. Joey DeMaio then comes back on the stage and launches his bass in the air, piercing a hyrdogen-filled blimp flying overhead which explodes on impact.

Amongst the smoke and wreckage, Melvins close the show.

Who's with me?


atanamar said...

I'll fly out to Chicago for that.

Anonymous said...

Never in my life have I heard an idea as great as this. I'm showing some Twitter love for this post. To all 666 of my followers.