Friday, March 13, 2009

Hook of the Day - Whitesnake "Slow An' Easy"

This came up the other day off-blog, so let's rock it here. Don't just automatically label these guys as just another "hair metal band". They were rocking pre-Tawny, and they are still rocking. Case in point:


Wayne said...

Excellent choice, Myche!

I didn't know they did an "official" video for this tune. It's probably my fave of theirs (after "Still of the Night")

Not for nothin', but Coverdale WAS in Deep Purple for a spell, and even utilized some Purple members for the early Whitesnake recordings.

Myche said...

I don't know if I had ever seen the promo video either. It's pretty solid. I like the close-ups of the fret work at the beginning (bass and six-string). And, of course, Coverdale's manhandling of the mic stand...

Wayne said...

It's a quality video. Where's the U.S. tour?!?

They need to team up with some other great bands and offer a package tour of some sort.

I think there's a new survey in the works to rival "Best Mugging By a Bass Player"...."Best Mic Stand Manhandling"

accepting nominees.....Coverdale.....who else?

Mark said...

This song is what Rock and Roll should sound like. They got the pace and the right fucking swagger that Rock needs. David Coverdale is as confident as a TOMCAT!!!!