Wednesday, February 04, 2009

MP3 Randomization: 02-04-09


Willie Nelson "Lonely Little Mansion"
Testament "Eyes Of Wrath"
Tom Waits "Road To Peace"
Gov't Mule "Sco-Mule"
Gov't Mule "Catfish Blues"
Devil In A Woodpile "When I'm Drinkin'"


Myracle Brah "I'd Rather Be"
Weezer "My Name is Jonas"
Ben Folds "Cologne"
Blake Babies "A million Years"
Arlo "Little American"
Hall and Oates "One on One"


Taint "What the Crow Saw"
A Perfect Circle "Renholder"
Mastodon "Workhorse"
Lamb of God "Ruin"
Rush "Far Cry"
Withered "Clamor Beneath"

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