Monday, February 25, 2008

New Rush Live Album!!!!!
by Wayne Graham

According to the scholars and gentlemen at Billboard, everyone's favorite Canadian Prog-Gods will release their 6th live album, "Snakes and Arrows Live," on April 8th. The show was taped at their "Snakes & Arrows" tour stop in Rotterdam, Holland back in October. A few of us here at Hooks So Big caught the Chicagoland date and loved it, so, if you missed out, be sure to pick this one up!

Disc 1:
"Digital Man"
"Entre Nous"
"The Main Monkey Business"
"The Larger Bowl"
"Secret Touch"
"Between the Wheels"
"Far Cry"
"Workin' Them Angels"
"Armor and Sword"

Disc 2:
"The Way the Wind Blows"
"Natural Science"
"Witch Hunt"
"Malignant Narcissism / De Slagwerker"
"Distant Early Warning"
"The Spirit of Radio"
"Tom Sawyer"

"One Little Victory"
"A Passage to Bangkok"

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